Have our website content read to you by ReadSpeaker.


To help improve the accessibility of our website we use the ReadSpeaker software. This software (once activated) will read aloud the content and links of a web page including documents in PDF and Word formats.

ReadSpeaker is free for you to use and does not require any downloads, installation or plug-ins. It works on most computers and supports most browsers.

How do I activate ReadSpeaker?

Click on the link below to launch ReadSpeaker - a new window will open showing our website but with the ReadSpeaker bar at the top for you to use:

Launch ReadSpeaker (opens in a new window)

How do I listen to pages with ReadSpeaker?

ReadSpeaker can read the content of a page in two ways:

  • Click on 'Read Text' and all the content will be read
  • Select and highlight an area of text and click on 'Read Text' and that text will be read.  

What about links?

There are several ways you can navigate the website while using ReadSpeaker:

  • Click on any links within our website in the same way as you would without ReadSpeaker running
  • By listening and then entering a link number in the text box and then pressing either 'Enter' or 'Go'.
  • By entering a full or partial link name in the text box and then pressing either 'Enter' or 'Go'. 
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